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Our technology partners will help your organization streamline and centralize your sales processes, tracking, and reporting.  We make this possible through an "Open Source" Menu Selling Platform that allows you to choose from a variety of solutions in the industry.  Simplifying this process means greater sales penetration and reduced delinquencies. 

These products are designed to enhance your lenders experience and drive measurable and actionable results.

Menu Selling Platform

With over 28 CORE and LOS Integrations, the Visual GAP web-based Menu Selling platform streamlines the quoting, tracking, reporting, and processing of sales for Vehicle Service Contracts, GAP and Debt Protection / Credit Insurance.  This system creates efficiency for your point-of-sale products, while enhancing member satisfaction and maximizing sales performance.

Our open source solution is one of the only ones in the industry that allows you to pick and choose the companies (VSC, GAP and Life & Disability) that you want to work with.  If you are happy with your current provider on Life and Disability, keep them and plug them into our system.  It works! You shouldn't have to choose all three programs from one provider to make this integration work. 




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