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URW Community Federal Credit Union


Money One Federal Credit Union

Beverly Zook – President & CEO

We have seen a 300% increase in the number of policies issued since we switched.  Our members are especially surprised and grateful for the “no deductible” feature. 

Educational Systems Federal Credit Union

Kathleen P

I attended, “Asking The Golden Question” training this morning. I would like you to know, it was a very productive and informative session. It turned out to be a private session so we were able to talk and ask lots of questions. Alex was able to give us new approaches to a higher volume of Warranty sales as well as opening doors to Vehicle Loans.

PWC Employees Credit Union

Robin Bodie - President & CEO

Our experience with Alex Kramer and Northstar Group has been outstanding.  Alex stands behind his products and delivers the peace of mind our members and staff appreciate.  Alex can also be counted on to do the right thing for our members, something that cannot always be said in today’s world.  I would highly recommend Alex Kramer and Northstar Group.

WesBanco Bank

Bruce Martin – President WesBanco Insurance

"When I sold my agency to a financial institution several years ago I was overwhelmed by the number of producers who came out of the woodwork, each offering purportedly the best programs for everything under the sun. I can honestly say that Alex Kramer was the only one who not only delivered on every promise he made but went above and beyond to help make us successful. We have been using Alex to provide products to our financial institution customers for over 18 years. This is by far the longest running relationship we have in the business. Alex’s knowledge of the industry helps us determine what products and services will best serve our clients and their customers. But most of all Alex is there through every step of the implementation to insure our efforts meet and exceed our expectations."

LM Federal Credit Union

Ryan - Senior Loan Specialist 


I have been selling Vehicle Service Contracts through Alex Kramer for over 7 years now. He has always been a pleasure to work with and I love the fact that he goes above and beyond when I need help or have a special request or need extra help with a member claim. I also love that Alex runs extra promotions and give aways, in the last 2 years I have won an expensive high-end Yeti Cooler that my family and I love and last year a Nintendo Switch that I love too! Alex definitely is a great representative and always has calls and email of encouragement for me and my team.

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